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Estate Planning



Estate Planning Should Be On Your Bucket List

Contrary to the understanding of most, estate planning typically includes the contemplation of issues that will affect you while you’re both living and after you pass away.


A simple estate plan typically consists of a health care directive, a financial power of attorney, and a will.


Health Care Directive


The health care directive allows you to name individuals to make decisions regarding your health care in the case that you are unable to make those decisions yourself.  It also provides you the opportunity to document any strong feelings you have regarding your care.


Financial Power of Attorney


The financial power of attorney also allows you to name individuals to make decisions and complete transactions on your behalf, on nearly anything but health care decisions.




When someone passes away, their will replaces the health care directive and financial power of attorney.  A will includes your wishes regarding who administers your estate, who inherits your assets, who you wish to be guardians for your minor children, and more.


We can help you!


Contact Danner Legal today to schedule a free consultation. Our Bloomington, Minnesota estate planning attorney will assess your current estate plan and determine what is necessary to ensure you are protected.

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